Saturday, 30 October 2010

Perfect Pumpkins

A few weeks ago I went over to Wimpole Hall with my friend for a day out on the farm.  We were so lucky to catch one of the last warm sunny days where we could wander or just sit without seizing up with the cold!

On the way back from the farm I stopped off at the walled garden for a quick nose to see what my veggie patches should be looking like!
I found the greenhouse full off these magnificent pumpkins and squashes.

So many different sizes and shapes and the colours are so beautiful.

I doubt many of these would pass the supermarket perfection in looks test but don't they just look fab and I'd be more than happy to do my pumpkin shopping here!

In actual fact maybe supermarkets should be making their displays like this! 

So this is what my garden should look like! 

Popping up in the veggie beds were various scarecrows all made by different local groups.

And this is the Wimpole cat, the very one who raided my catnip in the Mysterious Incident at Wimpole at the Christmas Fair last year!  For such a handsome fella, he is rather camera shy!

I'm off to get ready for Harvest Crafts later today, take care all
Sarah x

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