Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Shameless self promotion

Oooo busy morning getting pics online on website and general maintenance and updating!
Always surprises me how long things take to do like this, I'm sure I spend less and less time making stock!

This is one of the pictures we took in Devon earlier this year when we got snowed in on holiday!

And then on our return home this is the local church at the top of our lane.  It is such a picturesque builiding I could probably make a calender of the church through the seasons......actually, maybe not a bad idea!!
I have turned these pictures along with some others into greetings cards (can be found on website, sorry for shameless plug) 
These are my new lavender hearts.

I have used some beautiful antique-y fabric in a dusky blue colour which seems to be very popular at present (also available on the website!)

Just trying to think of better names for them but my head is being over-ruled by hunger right now so am going to have to go and hunt and gather some lunch!
Apologies for the self promoting post today but it is what I have been up to!
Take care all
Sarah x
And this picture snuk in at the end - insulated pot holders, guess what - they are available on the website!!

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