Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Blue and Gold

Its this time of year again, where the fire is lit before I've had my breakfast!  Now I have to remember to run down to the workshop too so I can pop the heaters on down here or I wont be able to feel my fingers when I get down to work!

Outside the leaves have turned the dog walk into a glorious golden time, although to be honest, this is a picture from last year!  Having said that, it does look just like this again this year, I just keep forgetting to take the camera out with me.

I have been a little 'blue' of late, have found myself looking inwards and getting caught up on that downward spiral which threatens to take you so far in that getting out seems just too hard a thing to do..... again.  However, I think that is receeding now, no I don't think, it IS receeding and that spiral is not turning anymore, it is certainly not taking me with it any further and I am making my way back to the place where you can see out.  So I am going to go and 'clean the windows' so I can see even better and I'll be back again tomorrow.
Take care all, I hope you are keeping well
Sarah x

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