Monday, 18 October 2010

Wellie Washing

Last week, no it was the week before now, time has gone so quickly yet again!
So the week before last (as you can tell I am very up to date with the news and life in general at present!) we went off to Norfolk for a week.  We were lucky enough to be staying right on the beach so only a quick jog up and down the sand dunes and we were out there on the edge of the country.  I love the seaside, beach, ocean whatever you want to call it depending upon where you are.

Hubby and I are just big kids when on the beach, if we are not playing a game of pebble pertank (that is not the correct spelling but then we make up our own rules so it is probably a completely different game!) we are drawing pictures in the sand!
This is Hubby's idea of cocktails on the beach!

I decided that there had been a large canine visitor to the beach that day!  Possibly something to do with the fact that I am reading the Twilight books - warewolves and vampires on the brain!!  Saying that though, a couple of days later we were walking down the same part of the beach and saw some 'normal' human footprints which were so deep the maker of such prints must have either been running with a very heavy load or was incredibly heavy footed, we couldn't reproduce the prints at all no matter what we tried!

This is October and it was not a hot day on this occasion but I can't visit the sea and not paddle!  So in with the wellies I went.  The wellies did need a good wash anyway, will tell you about that another time.

Not bad, starting to see the original wellie from under all the dirt emerging.

Oooo oooo ooo noooo, that was a bit bigger wave than I was expecting, I am not wearing waders here!

Oh dear, ooops (that isn't actually what I said, this is the edited version)
Its all gone in my wellies!!!

Clean wellies, inside and out!
Soggy socks and rather damp trousers too.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
Take care til tomorrow
Sarah x

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