Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Time travel

Wouldn't time travel be great?  Right now I'd go back to when my cup of tea was hot and I'd drink it then and enjoy it rather than taking a big slurp of tepid yukkiness that I have just done!

Also I could go back to the last post and put this post in the following day rather than spread a story out over the course of a few weeks, this is not a cliff hanger of a tv series, just my musing and mumblings of day to day life, if doesn't need to drawn out for dramatic effect!!

So, the wellie washing - why did they need washing?  It was the result of a lovely walk in the Norfolk countryside that we took whilst at the seaside the other week.

We set off down the track, clearly marked on the map and by the roadside as there were some building works which did mean that there was a diversion in place!!  Even on foot, we are diverted!

I don't even remember there being that much rain!  It doesn't hang around so much at the beach does it, easier to drain away somewhere I guess!

We splattered and sploshed, slipped and slid through this delightful mess.  I did think at the time that I wasn't too keen on going on this way, it was more because I had a picture in my head as to how lovely this walk was going to be down by the broads watching the boats go by, and it wasn't quite like that at this point with the mud and the diversion! Having said that, it was a lot of fun really!

We found a very conveniently placed bird hide right at the point of the walk which fell about lunch time.  Perfect place to pull up a bench and break open the sarnies.  What a beautiful view and it was a glorious day too.

I love how it looks so different when you take a step back and look at the view through the hide window.  We did see some birds, which we had to wait until they moved as we weren't too sure if they were bits of wood or in fact creatures!  Plus we had no binoculars so I cannot tell you what they were, but they were a brownish grey colour! 

The water at the edge of the broad was wonderfully calm and still

Unlike George who was having a lovely time!

Ready for my close up!

I'm going to turn around now and get back to the sewing machine, plenty of things to do here today.  Take care all, til next time
Sarah x

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