Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'm a lucky blogger

Yesterday I arrived home from work to find a little parcel on the door mat.  No, it wasn't anything the cat had left me, it was a parcel from Sal over at Sal's Snippets

All tied up in a cheery bright ribbon.

A beautifully scented lavender sachet

a delightful piece of embroidery

and a pretty card, of which I have only succeeded in photographing the corner!

Thank you very much Sal, the lavender parcel is going straight to bed - so it can scent the room for sweet dreams!

Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Glad it arrived ok!
    I had 4 parcels to post..2 giveaways,1 pressy for a new house gift and 1 for an anniversary pressy...and I was in a right muddle trying to put the right addresses on the right packages!!
    Have fun ;-)x

  2. What a lovely parcel of goodness!

  3. Talking of 'Lucky Bloggers', do you remember way, way back in March of this year (hangs head in shame......) you left a comment on my Blog when I asked for volunteers for a PIF.

    Well your name came out of the hat then, and has just been found in my in-tray now, along with the other 2 'lucky' commenters.

    Talk about keeping people hanging on in anticipation. Can you email me your address so I can 'speedily' rush your parcel to you....haha, I could have blamed the Royal even they take less than 5 months!!

    Sue xx


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