Monday, 23 August 2010

Pay it Forward

Back in March I volunteered to be a part of a Pay it Forward with Sue at Our New Life in the Coutry.

What a lovely surprise it was on Saturday when I came home from a rather windy Welwyn Market to find a parcel waiting for me.

Well, it smelt lovely before I'd even got around to opening it.

Inside I found a little bear and some lavender scented drawer sachets

A lovely handmade heart filled with lavender

A handmade card with fabric and buttons (Sue you have chosen well!) and some fabulous handmade soap.

And the perfect addition for a relaxing night in - bath soak!

Thank you so much Sue for all my goodies, such a lovely collection, the heart is already hanging from my bed and it looks and smells lovely as I drift off to sleep. 

Now, in order for me to Pay if Forward, I need 3 volunteers, just leave me a comment saying you would like to take part.  If more than 3 people come forward then I'll pick names from a hat, then I'll get a little parcel of goodies together for you each.  All you have to do then is to pay it forward to another 3 people once you have recieved your parcel.

You don't have to be a blogger to take part, nor do you have to make your own gifts.  Click here to see the post from Sue's blog and you should be able to track back the PIF through other blogs too!
Sue's parcel certainly brightened my day, I look forward to sending a parcel of cheer to some of you too.

Take care all, til the next time,
Sarah x


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooh this sounds good!!!! I am game for it!

  2. Dear sarah ,
    how are you doing.I am Rachana ,from
    please do visit me somtimes .
    I simply love the packet sue has sent you ,its lovely from ouside and inside both .
    i would like to a part of this PIF .it sounds great ,please include me as wel
    thankx in advance


Thank you for your comments, I do read them all and sometimes I even reply, now that I have figured out how to! Thanks again, take care x