Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Weekend preparations

Oh my word, look at this - two blog posts in two days!  This could be habit forming, lets hope!

I am busy getting ready for this bank holiday weekend which is going to be rather full on!  For the three days I am going to be at Wrest Park in Silsoe, Bedfordshire with many other crafters and artists.  I have not done this show before but I have only heard good reports about it from other traders and visitors alike.  Plus the fact that Romor Exhibitions who organise us all are such a lovely family company I feel pretty sure that it will be a lovely weekend for all of us.

And then if that wasn't enough I am also going to be at the Gransden Air Show which is held in a village just a little way away from us here.  It is to raise funds for Children in Need and for the two years that I have been there before it has been a great day out, for me that is, although I do assume that is is just as good for the customers too!

Clearly I can't be in both places at the same time so my Saturday lad (hubby!) will be taking up the reigns at Wrest Park on the Sunday whilst I am watching the aeroplanes.

In the meantime, I decided that it was about time that I finished off this chair that has been in various stages of completion for the past year or so!
Don't look too closely, it is for display only, I am not a master upholsterer by any stretch of the imagination and have not quite got the colours right but it was a good effort whilst using up the remnants and some spare paint!

I am pleased with how it looks and it will be just right for displaying cushions and quilts and maybe I will even rest a while on it at some point over the weekend!

Righto, must get back to work folks. 
Take care all
Sarah xx

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  1. It looks lovely, the chair, that is, very well upholstered, just like me!!

    It sounds like a busy weekend ahead for you and Hubby, I hope you make lots of money and lots of new customers.

    Me and mine are Car Booting on a massive scale. Things are being dragged out of cupboards and boxes, and priced up ready for our big sale bonanza.

    I will have a clutter free house if it kills me!

    Sue xx


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