Friday, 20 August 2010

That was then....

It has been a while between blog posts again.  No reason in particular other than I have just been feeling rather lacklustre recently and I've not had anything interesting to say to myself never mind going to the trouble of writing these nothing interesting goings on down!

Hopefuly my mojo is on it's way back, well even if it isn't planning on coming back of it's own accord, I intend to hold onto the little bit I do have at present and haul it back in to being present here everyday!

I was going to share these pics with you last week, so even though it is older news now, it is still all new to me as I have only just had a look through the photos.

These were taken at Scald End Farm near Thurleigh here in Bedfordshire.  It was their annual Help for Heroes Food and Craft Fair, a good old fashioned country fair in a beautiful setting and a very British feel about the day.

My first customer!
OK so he was primarily after my lunch but all the same he was the first one to my stall!

This has to be the best spot I have had for a stall, I spent as long chatting to the furry ones over the fence as I did with the customers over the stock!

The Beer Barn!

Watching wool being spun is quite entrancing, this lady was using wool that was different shades so that as it was spun you could see the fibres taking shape.

The softest silk, beautifully dyed.

This stall was delightful, so colourful and inspiring, I just wanted to plant the entire stall in my garden!

As they don't have a website, here is the information for those of you who may be local enough to pay them a visit in person if you are after any plants and gardening advice!

A little wildlife garden
A pretty little oasis for pretty bugs.
Back to my companions for the day, taking a breather.

Just horsing around in the sunshine!
Right now it is back to the sewing machine, got a few hearts to sew amongst other things.

Take care all, til next time
Sarah x

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