Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lovely Day

What a lovely day I have had, catching up with great friends and drinking plenty of this:

You can't beat a good cuppa and a natter over a pile of deliciousness like this:

Which, with a little bit of playing, turns into this:

Where was I? Over at Maggies and you can get your hands on these parcels of delightfulness at Sunflower Fabrics.
But this isn't meant to be a promotional blog post, it is just that I have had such a lovely day, and I even have time to get myself down to the workshop to write about it too!  And I personally do love this range of fabrics, it is the same range I used to make my little lavender hearts.

So so lovely!

Here is Maggie, deep in conversation but absolutely flying with the needle and thread making a delightful cupcake hanging.  I'll have to show you that properly another day.

And peeking out from behind the Liberty print is Ruth!  Well, if you have great friends, you should share them shouldn't you!
Thank you Maggie and Ruth for a lovely day,yummy lunch, lots of laughs and conversation and plenty of tea.  By the way, I am still pinging around due to the caffine overload ( I usually drink decaff but forgot my teabags today yet still drank just as many cups full as normal) - oops!

Now you could be mistaken, thinking my hand has shrunk but I have actually bought humoussive jars of all the essentials!  Went to the cash and carry today - I think the carry part of the name is supposed to mean that you carry the goods away not get carried away with the size of the goods!!  Never mind, we should be alright for sauce for the next year or so now.

Must go in and find something to make with the above ingredients, hmmm marie rose sauce anyone?
Take care all
Sarah xx

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