Thursday, 12 August 2010

These things take time

What things?

Well at the moment it seems like everything!

Not least getting my pictures up online and blog posts written.

So here we are going back in time to Saturday.  Welwyn market.  Bit of a changeable day weather wise, unfortunately it changed for the worst in the middle of the day with a few good downpours, which whilst they are great for the garden were not a lot of help to us folk trying to sell our wares out in the elements!

So what is a girl to do - console yourself with a little sustinence from your market neighbour of course:

So much choice and each and every one of these delightful little treats has a different flavour of cake and icing, what a dilema!

So here we have the before and after shots of my choice - well a nearly before shot - I had already started tucking in when I thought to take it's picture!  Chocolate and coffee and baileys...........
.....and nought but crumbs left.

Thanks Kevin!  But it's not just cupcakes over at Mama's the sweetest fudge too, but I'll save that for next time as my 3pm treat!

Roz and Rachael from Roch Furniture were there too and I just had to take some pictures of their wonderful furniture.
This is how I'd like all my furniture to look.  In fact there isn't a week that I could not find a home for all the pieces that Roz and Rachael bring to market.

This bench is just crying out to be next to my dining room table and I have mentally filled up those chest of drawers already!

Right, now, I must go and get on with a few bits and pieces.  I'm back to Land Cuckoo this week as the temping assignment has finished for now, just going to catch up on things here at the bottom of the garden and then maybe I'll be heading back to an office somewhere out there!
Take care all, til tomorrow (hopfully I'll get back to computer then!)
Sarah xx


  1. Ooh....cupcakes! And that bench is gorgeous, it has my name written all over it!!

    (Read my comment on your last post.)

    Have a good day, it's nice that you're back in Landcuckoo.

    Sue xx

  2. that cake looked gorgeous!


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