Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Smells like.......

I do wish you could smell what I could smell as I came down to my workshop this evening.

Actually, those of you in Australia probably can!

The gum tree at the bottom of the garden which my workshop sits under smells wonderful after the cloud burst this afternoon.

Well, cloud burst maybe a little poetic for the quantity of rain that actually fell in a very short space of time!  I needed to catch a ferry to get to the door of my car when I left work.

But now as dusk is falling the scent of fresh rain is becoming stronger and in the half light the colours of the flowers seem all that more intense.

These are some of the very few flowers that we have in our garden this year.  Around the workshop I am planting evergreen shrubs so that there is different colour all year round.  The yellow in the background is a bush that came with the house which we have managed to tame and trim so we get a good show each year and the pink ones in the foreground came from my auntie's house a few years ago, along with quite a few others in this part of the garden and they have all survived very well with very little help from me!

This is the non chook proof fence that works so long as I am here in the workshop so I can open the window and remind the girls that they are not supposed to be in this part of the garden, at least not until the newly planted plants have had a chance to get a hold on the ground!  They might not be able to remember how to get into their own enclosure some times but they do know that this is a no-chook area now, just that they like to push the boundries when they can.

I'm off to finish a tea cosy now, take care all, will be back just as soon as I can be!
Sarah x

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