Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Still working

Last night Hubby and I went off to the pictures to see Inception.

It was really good!  By the end of it I had no idea how long we had been sat there, could have been days for all I knew.  I wont say too much more as I don't want to be a spoiler but I can recommend the film if  you like films like The Matrix (and no, I still don't undersatand the Matrix, didn't when I was watching it and still don't even after Hubby has tried to explain it to me!).

Must go and seek out some dinner for us and shut up the workshop as someone is having a bonfire!

Take care all
Sarah x

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    We went to see this this other week too! I wasn't expecting it to be up to much (and there wasn't much else to choose from at the flicks that night), but I was pleasantly suprised!

    I don't think my other half had a clue what was going on... but we enjoyed ourselves all the same! lol

    Rose X


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