Thursday, 22 July 2010

An English Country Garden

What do you do on a Sunday afternoon in July?

Especially when the sun is shining and you have what feels like a rare moment of time when you don't have to be doing anything else!  Well you do, but you can postpone that bit!

Go to the National Garden Scheme (otherwise known as the Nosey Garden Scheme) open garden in the village.

Across the fields the sky was big!

The cows were all sheltering from the sun, slightly disgruntled as they had been confined to just half of their normal paddock.

The current house was built on the site of an old cottage and although it is only about 20 years old it seems to be part of the landscape as if it has always been there.

Beautiful flowers with visiting bees

Hidden creatures around the pond

Trees that have grown so tall and straight

Here's some they grew earlier!  Gav checking out the log pile and planning how he might get to own some woodland himself so he can aspire to a log pile like this one

Polos in the shrubbery!

And a giant urn, should have got someone in the picture to give you the idea of it's size.

Mr McGreggor's vegetable garden, if you look closely you might just be able to see Peter Rabbit.

Another hidden creature under the tree

And this is by far, in my opinion, the best use of a tennis court - trestle tables and chairs to sit and eat.......

A mahussive slab of the nicest chocolate cake!  Accompanied by a good cuppa.

A cuppa, now there's a good idea, I'm off to go and get one of those now!
Take care all, til the next time
Sarah x

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