Thursday, 8 July 2010

It's all very different

This week is far from the norm.  I am off to work for 9am every day, which I know is not unusual for many many people but it is for me!

I have no problem with getting up in the mornings, which I know some who have known me for a long time will double check I just said that, but it really isn't a problem!  I am doing some temping work locally for a few months or however long I feel like it for the time being.

This is just very different for me as I have been used to working here at home or out on the markets and craft fairs for quite some time.  Even before I started all that I was working a shift pattern so a Monday to Friday week is a thing of ancient history in my life!

There are a lovely lot of things in my workshop to be getting along with, some orders and some creations to finish playing with, but right now it is time for food!  Sitting at a computer all day in an office is hungry work!  I didn't realise quite how much I talk to myself when working though - very aware of it now I am in an office with other people!

Must go - hungry.
Take care
Sarah x

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