Thursday, 4 March 2010

Don't put all your eggs in one bag

Woohoo, back again! Intermittent internet equals intermittent posts but today it all seems to be ok so quick catch up.

It has been a hive of activity here in the workshop making lots of bits and pieces.
A pretty collection of patchwork bags, I have so enjoyed making these but do think it would be wise to make other things as well!
My little teracotta army has changed colour and is awaiting their next coat of paint.
Talking of eggs, we had our first egg of the year this morning, at last! It seems like ages since our hens laid any eggs even though they don't lay over the winter and it has been rather cold this year after all.
Well I must get back to the painting, take care all
Sarah x


  1. You HAVE been busy, I love the bags.

    What sort of hens do you have, mine have continued to lay all through the winter.

    We are just about to go and by 10 Speckledys to increase our little flock.

  2. I'm really thinking of spring now! Wonderful colors!


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