Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sneaky Preview

Morning All
I'm pleased to say that re-setting the day worked! A good thing to remember that if you get to 5 or 6pm and things aren't going well, put the breakfast show on the i-player and start again - I had a very productive 3 hours once I did that!
Just thought I'd give you a sneaky preview of some new bits and pieces I have been making.
Some new chalkboards, handpainted by me with many many coats of paint (thank goodness for a few days of sunshine to dry them in the garden), decorated with fabric and hungwith sisal rope.

These are just the quickly taken pics I did last night, I'm aiming to get some better ones in the light today to get up on my website. Can't tell you how much I wanted a cupcake after drawing these and cutting them out!
And at last the eggs! Finishing drying from their last coat of varnish.
I only want chocolate eggs now!
Lastly a note to oneself - do not sit on the spinny round chair and read whilst spinning around and around because it WILL make you feel sick.
Take care all,
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    Now moving the day around sounds like a neat idea - when you wrote about it the other day I thought you were a bit (well I wont say lol) but it obviously worked - I might even give it a go:)
    Those blackboards are great, just the thing for the kitchen wall

  2. I love the thought of 'starting again' with the day. I am going to spend one hour each day 'making', with all the mud and muck on the farm my creativity is being stifled, I am going to have to make a real effort to keep it.

    I absolutely LOVE your new goodies, are these all going to the Country Living Fair with you?

    Sue xx


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