Friday, 5 March 2010

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it has been today here in Land Cuckoo!
Found a cluster of snowdrops in the woods this morning when out with George
I did have to wade through a couple of puddles to get there, as if just to remind me that it is not summertime yet!

In fact the sun is so bright on the pictures the snowdrops aren't so easy to see as they were in real life!
Managed to lose another ball in the brook too this morning, then found it again. Had to wait for the sediment to settle from the first attempt at fishing it out so we, sorry I (George doesn't have a nose for finding balls in water) could see the flash of yellow at the bottom of the brook and fish it back out again, whilst hanging onto the bank of frosty grass hoping not to fall in as the water is most definately deeper than my wellies at present!
Once safely home I thought I'd get some more paint on the chalk boards and get them drying outside in the sunshine
I'm rather hoping for another day of the same tomorrow as they have dried lovely on the camping picnic table and various tables and chairs around the garden.
Amazingly none of the animals have taken it upon themselves to investigate, I did rather think that I may have found feathers or fur strategically left in the wet paint!
Apparently my chickens don't like apple peel!
Must go and paint more eggs
Take care
Sarah x

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