Friday, 26 February 2010

Terracotta Army, nearly

You will have heard of the Terracotta Army, the warriors created by the first Emperor of China, there are over 8000 of them and they are life size - they must be amazing to see in real life, well they would still be terracotta but I'd be real!

Well I found my own little Terracotta Army this morning in the workshop

OK so there is nowhere near 8000 of these, but they are life size! Well egg size anyway.

All my wooden eggs lined up after their first coat of undercoat ready to be sanded and painted with their easter colours.

And I managed to master the art of taking a picture this morning too!

Got one of my muddy beast fresh out of the nearest puddle! Good old Bedfordshire Mud - sticks to your boots when it is wet, making digging nigh on impossible and sets rock solid as soon as the sun comes out, making digging nigh on impossible - do you spot a pattern? Not a lot of digging going on here.

Back to my egg army I go, paints in hand.

Take care all

Sarah x

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