Monday, 15 March 2010

Still Here

Evening all.

Still here, different room, different computer, different keyboard with all the letters seemingly in different places making typing the right letters in the right order so much harder than usual!

Having connections troubles at the bottom of the garden where I am happily beavering away which is possibly a good thiing as it limits the distractions! Just the radio, dog, cat, chickens, hubby, laundry, gardening, cleaning, shopping, telephone calls, deliveries, cups of tea and pencil sharpening to distract me now!

Apparently today was National Almost day, according to Mr Evans this morning, well I have almost finished the jobs I started when I was listening to the aforementioned! I have almost made myself my dinner (at 9.40pm it is probably a little late to have that now but I'm hungry) and I have almost got all my marbles, still. Ok so the last one is incorrect, they have clearly gone for now!

Well I am off, take care, til the next time
Sarah x

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