Thursday, 11 February 2010

Buttons buttons buttons

Warning - this post contains buttons

Lots of them

I spent a lovely part of my afternoon washing my button collection

Not just something I decided to do on a whim, it is because all these are recycled buttons and they do have a tendancy to gather dust and dirt from all those button boxes they have been kept in for years.

After my first soapy bowlful of buttons I discovered that using the colander was the best way to do it, then you can rinse the soap suds off and not lose any stray ones in the bottom of the bowl which take an absolute age to fish out from under the bubbles!

There is every chance that I am alone in this, but don't they just look lovely shining in the colander?

Please someone tell me they like buttons too!

My kitchen is covered in little blue cloths with buttons a-drying tonight all ready to be put into their jars and back to decorate my workshop

Yum yum yum, just loverly!

Right, I'm off before anyone realises that I may have lovely clean and shiney buttons but I don't have a single marble left!

Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    I can assure you - you are not alone:))
    My collection isn't as big as yours but I love finding old ones - like you have sorted into colour, and then shape and then ( hooray) into same or similar size. I love them shiny and clean just like you lol
    Take care

  2. I think you already know that I do!!!
    Have a great weekend ;-)

  3. Haha....don't worry you're not the only one with a button fetish, I love them too.

    I must say I've never washed mine though!!

    Sue xx

  4. I'm sure those are really all my buttons!

  5. You're certainly not alone - and I wash mine too. Will try the colander idea as I hate that scrabbling for the last few in the bottom of the bowl. I think you must have some marbles left, otherwise you wouldn't have thought of doing that!!!

    Hope to be posting some button pics myself, soon.



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