Friday, 12 February 2010

Pretty parcel

Good evening fellow Button Friends! I had a surprise delivery today, all wrapped up in pretty paper.

With a dinky little tag attached
This was my gift from Sal at Sals Snippets from her recent blog giveaway.
Oooo look at the bright and cheery treasures inside.
Woohoo! Buttons!
And a delightful little bag to store them in too.
Thank you Sal x
I have spent a crafty morning with my Mum making a mess of the workshop whilst making cards, isn't it amazing how much stuff needs to be out in order for you to make just one greetings card! Anyway, we both had some success and managed to create some new cards, I have come back indoors without taking any pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it that I did some!!
Now that I have finished playing with my hot stencil making pen I am back indoors to raid the larder for food, why do I always get distracted until I'm too hungry to think of what to cook! Good job that we live in a village with no shops or I'd just be walking round to the chippy!
Take care all,
Sarah x


  1. You really are having a button week aren't you.

    You've got me looking at all my buttons to see if they're dirty now!!

    Perhaps I'll just wash them anyway!

    Sue xx

  2. I love that wrapping paper, just so pretty.

    Gill in Canada


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