Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Birds on a hot tin roof

Yes I know it should be cats, but that wouldn't fit in with my story, neither would Bird on a Wire, and as far as I know it isn't a tin roof either!

Recently I have been taking the same journey at the same time every week, not something I usually do as I am not really a creature of any habit at all! But, anyway, this journey takes me through some very pretty villages, one of which has this house.

Nice, yes, but fairly unremarkable and no reason why it should stand out any more than any other house in the street. Until you notice that this house has a rather large collection of birds, mainly pigeons sitting on its roof.

And they are there every week, every time I drive past. Not a single bird on any other roof along the road, all just taking their elevenses on this one particular house!

Well, talking of elevenses, I had better get ready for mine and warm up with a 20 past nineses, I only came in to print some labels off, back to the workshop I go!

Take care all
Sarah x


  1. They either have bad loft insulation (hence warming the birds toes) or they feed them regularly. If that is the case I wouldn't like to hang my washing out round there!!

    Sue xx

  2. I wonder if its something to do with the moss on the roof?

    Gill in Canada


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