Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Rattle those pots and pans

Time really has been running away without me recently and it is causing me to start losing those last remaining marbles that I have been clinging on to.

Yesterday I was sat at the table having my super healthy breakfast of a chocolaty cereal when I heard, and not for the first time, the china clinking together in the cupboard. As I had already noticed this noise earlier on but ignored it based on the grounds that it would more than likely to have been either the dog or cat knocking into the cupboard, this time I knew I had to investigate as all animals were elsewhere in the house.
I gingerly approached the cupboard very aware that if anything did come hurtling out of the door as I opened it I would need to have a clear route of escape. I am well known for my ability to jump at the slightest thing, much to the amusement of those whom I love but think it is an amusing attribute which they can abuse for their own sport.
Cupboard door number one, nothing.
Door number two, still nothing jumped out
Last door, well it had to be this one...................................... no nothing!
Curiouser and curiouser, why is the china making noises like it is being rattled if there is nothing and no-one any where near the cupboard and not a single little critter hiding inside the cupboard?
And then, penny dropped thanks to George Doggins walking past the dining table, what was on the table? My new, old, tea service! It had been right there infront of me the whole time, it was me making the table move and therefore the crockery rattle.
It is a delightful little tea set and a complete bargin in the local charity shop, still it got good value out of me didn't it! Making me worry like that!
It has beautiful coloured flowers painted on with a gold border and pale green edges.
Hubby just does't see the attraction but I do like it and it shall be housed in my new cupboard just as soon as I have finished (well started would be a good thing) sprucing it up!
Been spending a lot of time in the workshop getting stock ready for the Country Living Fair, I have plenty to be doing for the next few weeks. I'm thinking that it would be nice to have a giveaway here as I have been writing this blog now for a whole year, can't belive how quickly the time has gone. More details just as soon as I have thought of them..........................
Take care all, til next time!
Sarah xx

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  1. Brilliant....I can just imagine the scene!

    Sue xx


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