Sunday, 27 December 2009

Those snowy pictures

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas out there, whether you have been celebrating in the heat or all rugged up in a snowy winter wonderland. I trust is was a safe and happy time for you all.

Being a little delayed here in Land Cuckoo I now have the snowy pictures from last week! As I write there is now very little reminder of any of the weather we have been having, we can see all the grass in the garden and the rather muddy path down to the workshops but the Chooks are happy to be back out a hunting and a gathering - they would not entertain the snow at all!

Our lane after the first lighter snowfall, this is the amount of snow we are used to seeing, but then there was more........

This was the first day after the very heavy snowfall and it seemed like George and I were the first ones out across the fields. There were so many places where our footprints were the first. So of course after I had taken this picture I had to throw the frisby so George could run on the new snow!

I know it is a very pink frisby, but at least we can see it where ever it lands on snow or on the beach!

The brook was so frozen over you couldn't even see the edge so we didn't get too close for fear of falling right in!

It was just an unbelieveable expanse of white, so bright in the sunshine, I don't remember seeing this amount of snowfall before.

The closest we could get to a family photo! Trying to get us all in shot, Hubby concentrating, whist trying to remain upright and not falling over and before George could run through the middle of us! He didn't quite grasp the concept of photos, prefering to be either so close you'd not see anything but the back of his head or patiently waiting behind us trying to not look bored!

This is George's friend Lilly who is taller than George and still sunk all of her legs in the snow drifts along this part of the walk! Lilly's Mum and I had to abandon our attempt at getting through this part of the snow and cut through the hedgerow on to the next field as it was so deep. That would be why there are no other footprints along here as most had the good sense not to try it!

By the following day we were ready to try again though! It was over our knees in places.

But great fun!

For those of you in hotter places I hope these pictures have cooled you off a little! We could maybe do with some nice hot sunny pictures to bring a little warmth this way if you'd like to send us any!
I wish you all health and happiness over the holiday time, be safe and take care, til tomorrow.......
Sarah xx


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Lovely pics!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas !

  2. Brilliant pictures, I hope you're having a lovely Christmas.

    Sue xx

  3. great snow photos. I love the one of you being a snow angel.

    I am doing a cooking out of the pantry challenge on my blog. I mention it in today's post, but go into more detail on Tuesday's post. Plus on Wednesday there is a post on the Daily Savings challenge, which is a fun way of saving, without it "hurting!!"

    Gill in Canada

  4. ooh! it does look cold....brrrrrrrrr! I do miss the snow, but would rather be hot and in the pool....Love you X


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