Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Santa update

Just a quick update to let you know that Santa is busy getting things ready for Thursday night and Friday.

He had to make a little stop weekend before last in our village and the surrounding villages and farms as he had to check on the children, make sure their lists were in order and to give out the invitations to the Christmas meal (for January) and goody bags to the older members of the community.

There were plenty of sweets in his bag too!

As is customary along the route there were a number of stops for mulled wine, sherry and mince pies.

The afore mentioned goodies were very welcome as it did rain a lot and FC and his band of getting merrier helpers had to take shelter in the bus stop!

Spot Santa competition! Can just see him making his way back to the field where he left his sleigh, he needs quite a bit of open space to be able to come to a safe stop, plus he didn't want anyone seeing him land before Christmas Eve.

Shall be back with those obligatory pictures of snowy winter wonderland soon!

Take care all

Sarah xx

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