Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Still Christmassy

Still catching up from Christmas here and this post feels more like a catch up on the entire of 2009 but its only a couple of days! I'll do the run down of all the happenings from this year tomorrow! No I wont I promise.
We really did have such a lovely Christmas this year, for the first time Hubby was off work on Christmas Day so we got to open pressies and eat our dinner at the same time as everyone else, we're usually a couple of days behind.
Just before Christmas Day our first parcel arrived in all the heavy snow when even the regular post was not getting through.
I wasn't even thinking it would be a gift and couldn't begin to think what it may be as I couldn't remember ordering anything for work.

It was all packaged up in tissue paper with a tag revealing where and who it was from.

and little polystyrene s's so it was clearly for me.

A hamper of delicious loveliness - cheese, wine, beer and chocolates, perfect! Thank you so much x.
After our journey around Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to see our families we ended up at our friend's house in time for the annual Christmas games.

Roll a six on the dice and after donning the hat, scarf and gloves you get to eat as much chocolate with a knife and fork as you can until someone else throws a six.
Pass the parcel with a difference everytime it lands with you, you had to play a nursery rhyme on whichever instrument you were given!
This looks really impressive (especially the scary eyes) but I don't remember any sound coming out!
Aaaaaannnnndd - stike a pose!

The madness which is charades!
George was excused from all forefits and quite happily gnawed away on his bone for the evening.

And at the end of the day there is nothing more to do than stretch out infront of the fire with your new ball and have a snooze.

I hope you all had lovely Christmasses, thank you for all your lovely comments over this past year, be safe and take care all

Sarah x


  1. How fab to get such a surprise package!
    Love the instrument game!! ;-)

  2. great photos, I would love to play the eat all the chocolate you can game!!!

    Happy New Year,

    Gill in Canada


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