Monday, 12 January 2015

Wild weather

Just been for an exceptionally wet and windy walk with George Doggins and his friend and neighbour Gemma.
This is a bit of a cheat as these photos are from yesterday when it was still blowing a hoolie but at least the sea wasn't coming at us horizontally like today!
The only way I could get both these two in the same photo was with the lure of biscuits, hence the pleading faces!
Much easier to photograph are the Baggy's sheep (Hebridean breed) with the best view in Croyde!  Usually in a few weeks or so the ewes are brought down off Baggy Point so that they can lamb in the paddock here which is a little more sheltered but certainly easier to find the animals rather than the rocky headland. 

Today I changed our walk at least 3 times whilst we were out.  At first I thought it would be fab to be on the beach, I love it when there is no-one else about and the weather is wild.  However, the weather was a little too wild and the sand and rain mixture that was blowing right in our faces was actually too painful to continue walking into!

So then I thought we'd head out along this path again but same story, the rain was coming in with such ferocity that whilst I was lovely and warm all wrapped up, the only bit of skin exposed was feeling like thousands of tiny pins were attacking it, so we headed inland instead!

Thankfully I didn't even take my camera out today as the rain was blowing that much even the inside of my pockets were wet!  This is another picture from yesterday with the oystercatchers searching for food in the Baggy sheep paddock, spot the interloper!
Now we are all safely back in the warm I am going to revitalise and warm up with a large coffee and a spot of sign painting!
Take care all, til next time
Sal x

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  1. I go to the beach every morning - always an excellent start to the day - a good place to think.


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