Thursday, 1 January 2015

I only went in for a book

A very happy new year to you all, I wish you all the very best for 2015.
One of my intentions for this brand spanking new year is to spend less, save more, de-clutter and become an organised goddess!
So in typical Land Cuckoo style I popped into town in order to pick up a book in which I can keep a track of my budgeting.  I was going there anyway so not an excessive visit, that's a good start.  And that is where the good bit stayed - at the start!  I found that I just had to get some new boots.  They were in the sale and book and boot are quite similar words really aren't they?
I consoled myself with the fact that I did buy them in 2014 so the new year resolution doesn't really count.
So now I am off to do a spot of de-cluttering and hope to make some space for the new boots, after lunch of course...........
Take care all, til next time xx

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  1. A great rationalization... I enjoyed reading this post which brought a smile! A very Happy, Healthy and De-cluttery New Year to you :)


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