Monday, 5 January 2015

Losing pounds on a walk

Went for a different walk to day with George
Believe me, he was there!

We walked along the brook which is pretty full and flowing fast and powerfully rather than being a babbling stream.

Unfortunately the pounds I lost whilst out walking were not of the bodily fat variety but the bank balance ones.  Had to pop the car in for its MOT, which it required a few alterations and adjustments in order to pass, all of which cost rather a lot of pennies, but it really could have been a lot worse and now at least I know the car is all good to go for another year.

And then eventually George decided to look round at the same time as I took the picture!  Looks like we had the footpath to ourselves but we saw more folk out on that short stretch of tarmac than we normally do across the fields or beach!  However, neither George or I were prepared for the cyclists whizzing past us without a bell or a call to let us know they are there, both of us nearly ending up in the hedgerow! (Apologies to the lady that was rather surprised when George woofed loudly, just the once, in his surprise as she peddled past, but she should've rung her bell!!)
Well I'm off to do some work, take care all, til next time
Sal x

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  1. We have a George too but he's a retriever. Silly cyclists. Some of them have no sense around dogs.


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