Saturday, 17 January 2015

5 down, 360 to go.

And the de-cluttering has begun!
Have taken stuff to the charity shop and also dropped off other items at the fabric charity recycle bins.  More bits have been posted online and hopefully there will be a few collections of items this week.
I am listing (mainly for my own benefit but if you want to check in and keep reminding me this is what I am doing that would be great) on a new page which I have added on this blog so I can attempt to move on at least 365 items which I no longer need.
Anyone else having a go at something like this?  Maybe we could form a de-cluttering group - just trying to fill the void already!!
Well it may be almost bed time but I have managed to forget dinner so I am off (as per usual) to find food!
Take care all, til next time
Sal x

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  1. I didn't realise you signed yourself off as Sal ... my lovely Grannie, my Mum's Mum was a Sarah who was called Sal by all her friends. It really confused me when I was little because my Granddad, who died before I was born was called John, but known as Jack to all his friends. So John and Sarah were known as Jack and Sal :-)

    I'll be following your challenge with interest, I still have to finish mine off.


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