Tuesday, 20 January 2015

More moved

I am busy sorting my life, universe and everything out as I am on the move.  First in line is my workshop which is going to be here:
A fantastic setting in the Devon countryside, a proper barn with an upstairs too.  I am gradually moving items in although it really does seem a shame to clutter it up with all my stuff, there is so much room!
However, I don't think I shall tire of the view!  This was taken at the weekend and just shows the snow on the horizon where is landed over Exmoor.  I was starting to disbelieve all the people who said it has snowed in Devon as this is the closest I got to it all! 

And these ladies are my new distraction!  Not my hens but they live at the workshop, there are 3 of them that I saw, not sure if more were hiding elsewhere.

They were very friendly and keen to help unload the car!

These are another couple of residents although I didn't really meet them, decided to leave them to what they were doing!
With all the sorting out ready to move I have managed to add another few items to the De-clutter 365 list, although I have got rid of more items but I didn't write them down and have forgotten them already!
All this busy-ness has quite made me forget lunch (its 5pm) so I am going, as usual to find food now, well in a minute, got to go and shut the gate first, will probably find a number of other things to do on route..............
Take care, til next time
Sal x

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