Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Big Catch Up

Sometimes, time just runs away without you doesn't it? Whilst I feel like I have been so busy recently, I not sure what it is that I have been busy doing! Probably more like a bit of re-grouping time after working so hard in the run up to the Spring Fair. Time to put things away and catch up on paperwork mountain and a spot of spring cleaning.

In amongst all that there was time for an Easter egg hunt.

Well the chook house does seem like a logical place to start looking for eggs!

Nothing inside the shed - I'm not really sure what is inside that shed!

They searched all around, hotter, colder, no not there either.

George was not about to let on where they had been hidden.

He just thought it most odd that the humans couldn't find things, now if it were a ball then he wouldn't have forgotten where he had put it.

There was even chocolate hiding inside the house too.

Now how many of you still have easter eggs and chocolate left? I know I haven't, it didn't last long at all!

I'm off to crack on with paperwork mountain again, doesn't seem that long since I did it before, daren't take a picture of this one this time though, it is rather large!

Take care all

Sarah xx

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  1. I tried to keep off the choccy..gives me bad headaches...and I do love so love chocolate!! ;-)


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