Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Big Blue

Isn't this weather just glorious?
I'm going to do the very British thing and talk about the weather aren't I! And then I may just need to pass comment on the current situation with air travel, or rather lack of it. I hope that those who have friends and family stuck in places far afield are all ok and being well looked after.

There was no air travel involved in the taking of this picture from the weekend.
Nor this one, although it may be a little clearer as to where I was when I took them.

The colours are getting more grey as I was looking towards the sun but it was just too nice not to look!

These were taken on the beach at Caister, overlooking the wind farm out at sea. It is a fabulous stretch of beach with so much space to run and play, if that is your thing!
Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than walking into the sunshine along the water's edge throwing the frisby for George.
He is getting much braver with the sea now and will even wander over to have a closer look at the waves all by himself, although he has absolutely no intentions of putting a paw in the water, mind you it is the North Sea, who can blame him!
It even smelt lovely too, you know how the sea can do sometimes?
Take care all, safe travels for those who are en-route somewhere
Sarah x

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