Monday, 26 April 2010

Blooming Great

Being out and about in the sunshine has been wonderful this past week. So nice not to have to be rugged up against the cold with copious layers of clothing on!
All the flowers in the hedgerow are bursting into bloom
And there is a carpet of gold through the woodland walk
I even noticed how pretty the dandylions were looking , makes a change from picking them out of the lawn!

Have you got the time please?

George had a lovely birthday on Friday, he enjoyed his chewy bone treat thingumy so much that even though he was tired of chewing he was not about to let it out of his sight!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine, take care
Sarah x


  1. Beautiful photos. Dandylions are a pretty weed. They keep popping up in my yard....I just wish they could all be in 1 cluster!

  2. Gorgeous photos.

    I love all the hedgerow blossom at the moment, when it rained here on Sunday it blew around like gentle snowflakes, it almost felt like we were inside a snow globe! Your picture captures it's gentle beauty perfectly.

    Sue xx


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