Monday, 13 December 2010

About time

About time I got these pictures of the frosty morning we had last week.  Actually this frost lasted a few days as the temperatures never rose enough to lose the white covering we found ourselves under.

The track that George and I usually take in the mornings, beware of very icy puddles that lurk under the snow (when we have some) as they don't half make you jump once you have regained your balance from the rather ungainly skid! 
Our church at the top of the lane beautifully lit by the winter sun.

The red berries of the rosehips, like little rubies in the hedgerow

The frosted grasses along the edge of the brook

This is the wire on the chook run after Jack Frost has been at work

I guess that because it was a freezing fog during the night that would explain why there was even frost under the trees

George just demonstrating that he apparently feels no cold!

Only one more market to go til Christmas!  Will be able to turn my attention to my own home this week and start to tidy up and decorate for Christmas.  Looking forward to getting all the decorations out the loft, such a great box of memories.  I try to buy just a couple of special new decorations each year to add to the collection, each with their own story.

Take care all, til next time
Sarah xx


  1. Lovely pictures. The wire on the chook run is spectacular, that's just how ours looked, but I didn't manage to get a picture. I was amazed how claustrophobic it made the enclose for the Pekins, but they didn't seem to mind.

    Love the top picture of George on the snowy track.

  2. Ooooooooooooh can't wait to see your drcorations. Our crib is up - see my blog for the first part! We have snow forecast for Thursday too - after an absolute deluge last time.

  3. Wow that picture of the rosehips is gorgeous..i love frosty foggy mornings..we had 4" of snow last wk and more to our old antique sledge out the attic and waxed the skids so its ready to go...i bought 2 little decorations for our tree for the girls to put on...i love doing the tree and decorating the house...its christmassy lol...


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