Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It's cold outside

But inside it is roasting!
Guess who left the heater on overnight in the workshop?
You know what it is like when you go on holiday to sunnier climes and you step out of the plane into a wall of heat which we are so unused to in Blighty - well that is just what I walked into in here this morning!
Oops, I did try to just manage but had to open the window in the end as it was just too hot to work!  How criminal is that?  Opening a window and letting all that lovely lovely warmth out, mind you I think the tree above the workshop has now lost most of its snow on the branches and there seems to be a lot of birds on the roof, most likely having a little rest on their new found heated floor!

Most of the Christmas decorations are now up, seems to have taken me a while to get the house into some semblence of 'normality' after the markets and events over the past few weeks.
So here are the pics of the decor so far:

We have to have two trees in our house as both Hubby and I already had one each before we got together and we both think ours is the best!!  This is the thinner of the two so it goes in the snug and dining room so we can still walk past it!  Saying that, there will be quite a bare gap at the bottom by the time it is put away in January where George has wagged his way past and Missy has chased her catnip mouse underneath! 
This year I decorated without using tinsel as apparently it is the way to do it this year!  Still threw everything else at it mind you.  This little mouse has been on my Christmas tree for more years than I can remember, it came from home, don't know what my Mum has in it's place now!  The long legged angel was a present from my Auntie last year.

A ceramic tree made by another crafter and a woven heart from my Mum

Another pressie from my Mum, I like having gifts to hang on the tree, lots of nice memories to see.

This one was made by my Cousin in Australia

I bought this one for Hubby a few years ago, we had polar bears on our wedding cake!

Missy's stocking

Hubby's knitted Santa from his childhood and a cute little knitted mouse I bought from another fellow crafter who I had a stand next to last year.

The basket has 24 advent pressies which I put together for Hubby, feel like I have been buying presents for months!!  Just hope I remembered to get him one to open on Christmas Day!

And this is the other tree in the Man Cave.  This year I went for silver and blue and lots and lots of sparkles! 

I know the snow is a pain for so many of people who are trying to get home or away at this time but it does look so very festive and has been included in this years decorations in the Land of Cuckoo.

I treated us to some outside lights seems as we have a tree which has grown into the perfect Christmas tree shape just outside our window.

It looked so pretty when the snow was coming down, glowing through the overladen branches.

I hope you are all in the right places you need to be, keeping warm and on track for your present shopping etc!
Take care
Sarah x


  1. Wonderful decorations! Keep arm - snowed in here again!

  2. Love your outside tree, could have done the same here.. but too bloomin cold to venture outside! Have a cool yule. Lizzie


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