Friday, 19 November 2010


November, are you sure?  I didn't feel like it was this morning!  Out with George and I was steaming hot, spring like weather it was.
This is a very atmospheric shot I took to show the correct berries on the hedgerow (confirming that it is actually November) with the glorious blue sky and sunshine in the background with a little George running back to me.  I say atmospheric, I mean blurred due to the camera lens being smeary!

Once camera is cleaned then we can get a much better picture.  Long shadows - must be the winter sun!

This afternoon I was over at Wimpole Hall setting up for this weekend's craft fair there.  Still not finished so have to go back earlier than I wanted to in the morning.  When I came out of the marquee to get a few more bits from the truck the mist was just starting to roll in across the fields and it looked magical.  I only wish I had the time to walk around to see the house itself if the mist.

Here's my truck outside the stable block with the moon behind it.  Could get used to seeing my vehicle outside a nice big place!  I'm off to Wrest Park again next weekend so no doubt I'll be getting ideas above my station again with spending a weekend inside a stately home!!

Must go and make a few more bits before I let myself go and have dinner, will be sewing very very quickly coz I'm very very hungry!!

Take care all and have a great weekend
Sarah xx

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  1. good luck with the show this weekend, hope you sell lots!!

    Gill in Canada


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