Wednesday, 15 December 2010

And there's more

Ok so it is hardly the next day but here are the next frosty pictures!
It beats the scene this morning which is just grey and muddy with a nice helping of rain thrown in!

The ivy under the trees with it's dusting of frost, gleaming like jewels with the sun behind the leaves

Another picture of  St Peters church at the top of the lane

I'm a little obsessed with big sky!  Just find it amazing how some days it appears so much more imposing than others.  Admitedly today it is so misty and bleak that you can't tell if there is any sky up there at all!

I am pleased the blue of the sky has come out in the pictures, it was so vivid 

The frost appears to have been travelling in one particular direction as all the leaves and twigs were covered on one side only 

The poplar trees behind the foreground were shining bright against the sky, not quite come out in the picture.  I am so lucky as this is the view at the bottom of my garden.  A couple of days ago there was a heron on the fence as there is a natural pond between the trees, a pretty magnificent bird to see.

I'm a little closer to getting the house decorated, the boxes are all out of the loft, hope to get on to the fun stuff later today.
Take care all, hope you are all keeping well and warm
Til next time
Sarah x

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  1. Absolutely stunning photography, you have captured it well. Had a looksee at your shop, some nice things n there, will be back to take a longer look.


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