Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shhhhh we're in the library

Nope, still don't know how all you busy folk out there manage to be busy and blog!

I suspect I need to get that time management book back out of the library, but I just wouldn't have the time to read it at present!

Last weekend I was over at Wrest Park for the Christmas Craft Fair.  Fortunately we were inside the house.  The weather did keep people away on the Saturday but they all came out on Sunday instead!

This is my version of a virtual tour for you!

This was my view infront of me (we were in the library)

The window and view down the formal gardens (behind me)

the ceiling above me

To the right..........
......... forgot to take one to the left!

And a little light reading!  Was struggling all weekend against the need to turn round the two books that had been put on the shelf upside down!  All manner of alarms would have gone off if I had so much as breathed on them!  I was rather alarmed myself when the flash went off on my camera as I don't think flash photography is something that is 'done' in places like this!!!

No decent pictures of my stand as the sun was so bright behind that I didn't get a good picture other than one for my own records just to remember what can fit where!

Hope you are all keeping warm in these wintry days, am going to find some more hours in the day now.

Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Any snow yet?

  2. what a gorgeous place. I too would have wanted to turn over those books as well!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. oooh i love your pics!! it looks so pretty there!


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