Friday, 18 January 2013

Lavenders white dilly dilly

Photo from Hitchin Lavender
I don't live near here anymore but I do still use their lavender and oils in my products and when I saw the pictures of the frost and snow on their blog I thought they were worth sharing.  For some more stunning pictures have a peek at their blog
They do grow a white lavender too but this isn't quite how it looks in bloom!
And now for the first time in weeks I can relax!  Just for the evening, still have some work to do tomorrow but the exams and tests are done, most work handed in and I am going to enjoy a (large) glass of wine tonight!
George on the other hand is not so chuffed.
He has been suffering with painful back legs and it turns out that he has a spot of arthritis in his stifle joints.  My lovely neighbour found a dog coat that she used to use when she had Afghans and has kindly passed it onto George so he can go out and not get wet so as not to then get chilled when he gets home in his wet fur.
George in his waterproof onesie.
Well, I have never seen anything so funny!  His legs aren't long enough so he has turn ups!  I think this may just be the right picture to ask for - Captions Please!
Exactly what is George thinking, not entirely sure his real thoughts would be printable but lets see.
Take care all out there in the white stuff
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    Isn't it a good feeling knowing things are under control and you can relax - I absolutely hated exams and my mind would go to pieces at each and every one of them.
    George on the other hand does not quite so happy as you - Do I really have to wear this - Do I look as stupid as I feel in this? - I'll get you back one day! The thing is did it keep him warm and dry?
    Take care

  2. "I hope we're going on the back lanes where no-one can see me!" grumbled George.


  3. This is something Sophie suffered terribly with until she was put on a low dose steroid for the last 2 years of her life. It cost us quite a bit but it was SO worth it to see her walking normally and enjoying life again.

    Old age it comes to us all - dogs included :-(

    Sue xx

  4. "Oww MUM do I HAVE to go out in this?"

    My dear old cat had stiffness in his back legs and lower spine. He had a very very low dose of metacam each day. Has to be low, as it is hard on the kidneys. He could could still get up on the windowsill though!
    I looked for chews and treats that had supplements for bones in them but could only ever see ones for dogs. Have you tried them? Green Lip Mussel is v good for arthritis and chondroitin and another I can't remember right now.... we used to order online stuff from VioVets, v good shop.

    My dear Scooter loved your catnip sack you made. It had a blue fishy pattern, like the one in your sidebar photo. He loved it so much that when he passed away last September, we put it in with him, and a few other toys. He was 19 1/2. Miss him terribly.

    Give George a big snug for me. I miss furry snugs!



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