Monday, 14 January 2013

Doing research

Been doing a lot of this - its called research (study distraction technique)
Am a little bit busy this week, have a few assignments that need finishing and as usual the finishing is taking longer than anything else!
The couple I have left to do have been particularly taxing for me, not only having to research the content but learn how to put it down 'on paper' correctly, in the right order with the right phrases and headings etc.  Ah well, I expect there will be another couple of new assignments to replace these by the end of the week!
I may have found another stockist for Land Cuckoo products this weekend which will be fab.  Only need to put a few bits back in my workshop and it will be back to normal after its mini flood and I can get organised and started on this years stock production.
Right now it is time to get back to the study,
til next time
Sarah x


  1. And the dog doesn't help! lol! 100 things you would rather do eh than an essay! I bet ironing even features above it in the list! lol!

  2. I need to get my act together and become as organized as you,



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