Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ironing references

Winter sun on the beach (from Jan 2012!)
Following on from one of the comments yesterday - 100 things I'd rather be doing than studying!
Yes I would even get the iron out!  Don't own a full size ironing board because I think they are dangerous and will never own a cupboard in which to hide one away.  However, faced with this collection of assignments I would quite happily get the mini Ikea special table top board out and iron everything I own if it got even just the referencing done for me!
I do sound like I don't enjoy study but that isn't the case, I am actually really happy stretching my mind to within millimetres of it snapping and the sense of joy and relief I shall get tomorrow when I wearily hand in my assignment will be worth it.  Shant bother about getting the result tho, not to sure its going to be a good one this time!
Off to get food, as usual!  Til next time
take care, Sarah x

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  1. I don't mind ironing boards but I DO mind ironing.

    I'm down to only ironing shirts now, everything else I keep as smooth as possible while it dries and then body heat when wearing gets the last few creases out :-)

    Sue xx


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