Friday, 15 February 2013

Days like these

On days like today, I love my drive home.  Each time I get to this stretch of road my heart lifts.  Not when it is raining hard and the road is flooded, that calls for excessive concentration not to end up over the edge and in the big blue, but when the sun is shining and college has finished for half term!!
I actually pulled over and stopped for a while just to wind the window down, listen to the waves and watch the surfers.  I do feel like one of the luckiest people sometimes and that is not said to be bragging or one-upmanship but just to acknowlege that I am so very fortunate and I appreciate it.
Once I got home and collected George from next door there was just enough time to get some wellies on (it is still wet enough out there to need them all the same!) and then we went off for a lovely walk across the beach with our neighbours, and George's friend Gemma the lurcher.
How nice it was too to be on the beach, not wearing a hat, not needing the waterproof jacket on and not having to walk at an odd angle into the wind!  Roll on summer!

Back in the workshop, it is time to get busy with the sign painting.  Everywhere is springing into life this weekend with the half term holidaymakers and it is now that I need to be getting ahead with the stock preparation.  There is something so very satisfying about a table full of drying signs, just anticipating their decoration and sayings.

This week saw the arrival of my workbench, made by my dad and modelled on the one he made for himself years ago.  This one was put together in my old workshop so had to be transported whole this time as it would not come apart!  A very nice man delivered it along with my piano.  Now I don't know how this works but I have more stuff in the workshop than I did before the bench arrived, yet it looks like I have more space!!  Did I really need to have a tidy up that much?  I guess so!
Well now I am going to go and find some food, see still maintaining a constant there aren't I, and will be back again soon.
Take care all, til next time
Sarah x

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  1. I should imagine that drive home with the sight and sound of the sea invigorates you for the rest of the evening.

    Love the workshop :-)

    My dream would be to live by the sea again.

    Sue xx


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