Tuesday, 8 January 2013

smiling and studying

Just about going to make it today!  Have tried to get a few words down here each day, so far so good!
Now I just need to be able to get a few words down on my essay which is eluding me so far.
Come to think of it, I don't think I have updated you here, I am now at college being a student again.  Hence the need to get word counts up and running in essays and the last minute cramming for exams and tests.  Speaking of which, I have my Chemistry exam on Thursday so am now off to write a few more notes out to go and stick up on the walls.  Not yet got any study aids in the bathroom ...............
Take care all
til tomorrow!
Sarah x


  1. what are you going to school for....are you studying for a degree in something?


  2. Another curious one here - will your craft business suffer if you are engrossed in other things. Silly me - of course it will but I'm sure you'll take it in your stride
    Take care

  3. Are you finding it any easier learning now than when you were at school/college/university the first time around?

    Good luck with your exam on Thursday.

    Sue xx

  4. Yes I was going to ask the same as Gill - do tell all.


Thank you for your comments, I do read them all and sometimes I even reply, now that I have figured out how to! Thanks again, take care x