Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back into it

Well, ok so it is has been a little longer than I had planned but here's hoping that this is me getting back into blogging.

Has it really been so long that they appear to have changed the format for writing posts - its like totally starting from new!

George and I are settling into our new life here by the sea.  This is 'our' beach!  Although sadly we are not now allowed on it (well George isn't) until October due to the summer season doggy ban.

 All my possessions are now here too and I have one incredibly full workshop.  At present everything is piled up in 3 of the corners so I can paint the floor in the space and then move it all back!  Really ideally I would have done the floor painting when there was less stuff but things didn't work out like that so its onto plan B.

Another view of 'our beach'
The house move has made me realise that I don't have a huge amount of 'stuff' for inside the home but my workshop and crafty bits and bobs is extraordinary.  Do I really need all of it?  I just didn't realise how much I had accumulated over the past few years.  I am going to have to be very strict with myself whilst I am putting it all away and only keep that which is necessary.  Not easy when I think 'I could use that for...... ' or 'that is just perfect for....'

Today is going to be a floor painting and delivery day I think.   I have a couple of shops who need some stock and I am working tonight so can't go off and get stuck into things too much!
Best get cracking!
Take care all, til tomorrow x

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  1. Welcome back, and YES Blogger has changed a bit. Well we had all got used to it and liked they had to change it didn't they !!

    Look forward to seeing photos of your developing workshop.

    And....Sophie sends love to George, she's envious of his beach and sad that he's not allowed on it til October....that's doggie discrimination.

    Sue xx


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