Friday, 11 May 2012

Watching paint dry

George Here!
I am taking over already as Mum is discovering that it isn't always possible to find the time to write about what you have been doing to fill your time!  Since I do have a little more time on my hands (sorry paws) I thought I'd crack on and get the blog done for the day.

I know you are going to get a lot of pictures of me but I did think this one rather captured my handsome side, the off the head ear look is all in this season, plus it is mighty useful when the wind is blowing in off the sea to keep one ear closed.
But who am I sitting next to?

I found these little chaps (or chapettes, who knows?) on the pathway back from Baggy Point.  Earlier in the year Mum and her friend who is Mum of my friend Lily (you'll meet her later) found a pond round the corner from here, full of frogs.  Now it is full of tadpoles all getting fatter and fatter!  Will keep you posted on their progress as Mum goes and has a look each time we go walking out that way.

This is me on the path out to Baggy Point.  It was rather wet and windy yesterday but it did make the grass look very nice and green!

And this is the view on the way back from Baggy Point looking towards Croyde Bay which is my local beach now.  Unfortunately in the summer I am not allowed on there but I'll be back on the beach on 1st October whatever the weather! 

When we got back home I had to sit in the doorway for a while whilst Mum painted the floor in the workshop.  Apparently it was just too dusty with the bare concrete so she had to move everything into the corner so she could get a clear run at the floor.  I wasn't allowed in there because I would have walked in the paint and then put paw prints all over the floor in the house.  Personally I think the carpet needs a little free paw art but Mum insisted otherwise.
This is the bit of floor she was painting first.

And this is the rest of the stuff all piled up ready to go back into the cupboards when the floor is dry!  We brought all this down in the van at the weekend which was fun as I got to ride up front and could see out of all the windows.

Painting floors is not for dogs!
I am off to have a nap now after my dinner, take care all, til next time
George xx


  1. George, you are handsome!

  2. Oh poor you George, I know the feeling well, waiting for the two legged folk to paint things is like....well watching paint dry.

    The only good thing is you usually get a walk at the end of it all.

    Lucky you getting to travel up front in the van, I always get put on the back seat of the pickup and tend to snooze the journey away as visibilty is always limited, I never know where I am going until I get there.

    Have a lovely doggy, ball throwing/fetching weekend, make your human take you for a walk, I'm working on mine now!!

    Sophie xx


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