Thursday, 17 May 2012

Always check the tide times

Went over to Westward Ho! with George the other day, parked up and whilst I was layering up with jumpers and waterproofs (not a sunny day!) George trotted off over the pebble bank to get to the beach.
Pretty quickly he was trotting right back!

Clearly I have only been to Westward Ho! when the tide is out as I didn't even realise the sea came up this close!  Normally the sea is out towards the horizon with acres of sand for George to run about on with his ball and flingy stick.  So now I have to remember to read the tide times before setting off!

Looking forwards to a proper weekend off this weekend.  Not going to be doing any work (well after the last remaining shift of this week) either for someone else, sorting out my house or workshop, nor will I be painting anything, signs or floors!  I am going to see friends and enjoy the time with them all, good food (well I'm cooking so I hope it will be!) and good times with a sprinking of red wine no doubt!

Take care all
Sarah x

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