Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thank you

Thank you for your nice comments, its good to be back, well nearly!
Still not got the internet sorted at home yet but managed to get the time to stop in my favourite cafe and write a while!
Briefly - George and I have moved house and we are now living by the sea so expect many more pictures like this!!
I'm still Land Cuckoo-ing and have been off to markets and there is plenty more exploring to do there yet.  Am also working a 'real' job which is quite a change for me but I am thoroughly enjoying that too.
Will be back with more very soon, BT tell me that I can have internet from the 19th........... now I just have to figure out how to install it and get things working, bit of a challenge for a techno no no gal!
I must get on now as there is a collection of bits of wood waiting for me to paint them.  More pictures and catching up to do for you later this week then.
Hope you are all ok, take care for now, til later
Sarah and George xx


  1. Wow..I didn't know that you had moved...we will get to meet then!!
    Hope to see you at the next fair! ;-)x

  2. Lovely picture.

    And'll be back on my birthday, what a pressie!

    Sue xx


Thank you for your comments, I do read them all and sometimes I even reply, now that I have figured out how to! Thanks again, take care x