Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Walk

Poor old George has not had the best walks recently.  I have been so busy with working and trying to get things done at home, not to mention getting stock made up for markets and orders, we haven't really been out properly for a few days.  He has had to be content with running up and down the hill after the ball, which actually he completely loves so actually it is just me that needs the extra exercise of a proper walk!
Today has been such a fab day, the gorse bushes are smelling wonderful, guess it must be the heat from the sun that brings the scent out more as they have been in bloom for a while now.

We headed out to Baggy Point which is a lovely round trip and you always meet lots of nice people enroute as it is part of the coast footpath.

The rocks are amazing round here and when the tide is out you can see so many interesting pools and mini beaches just perfect for exporing.

In fact it is possible to go coasteering round here which is something I shall be having a go at one day, when I have some 'time off'!!

This always makes me smile - the walk to the beach but right in the distance you can see the sea on the horizon - how come it looks higher up than I am?  Funny how things can look isn't it!

Well I have painted some signs, painted more of the workshop floor, brushed the dog, mowed the lawn and a number of other things that I can't even recall right now, and I am very hungry!  Some things dont change!
Off to make my dinner.
Take care all, til tomorrow

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  1. Gosh look at that lovely blue sky, we do have to make the most of any sun at the moment don't we.

    Sue xx


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